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7 months ago

A proposed explanation for a phenomenon is known as a hypothesis. A hypothesis is also called a scientific hypothesis if it is proved with the help of scientific methods. The scientists try to relate the scientific hypothesis with the previous observations that are not explained with the help of the scientific theories. In the formal language, a hypothesis is an antecedent of a proposition. A hypothesis provides a basis for further research. If a hypothesis is failed, the scientists are still able to get the tenable theory. Most of the students face lots of difficulties to write a hypothesis. Here, experts of Cheap Assignment Writing Services will provide an example of a hypothesis for a sociology dissertation.

Here, we will discuss the hypothesis of the significance of Instagram in the lives of teenage girls. Nowadays, this is an era of science and technology. Technology has changed the minds of people to see the world. It has also changed the modes of interaction in the world. In the field of technology, we can see lots of innovations. In these innovations, the most important and significant one is social media. There are lots of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are available.

With the help of these social media sites, lots of people remain active on the internet. Like other social media sites, the people are also interacting with each other on Instagram. Instagram is providing such a platform of communication and interaction for the people which is exploring day by day. Most of the people have written the negative impacts of social media sites on teenage girls. Along with these negative impacts, there are also some positive impacts of these social media sites on teenage girls. No doubt, it is an obvious angle but we can’t ignore this angle due to the importance of social media sites.

The main aim of this dissertation is to tell the people that there are some positive impacts of Instagram for teenage girls. While presenting the negative impacts of social media on teenage girls, they also try to deconstruct the negative stereotype around social media sites. For this reason, we can see an example of a focus group. With the help of an example of this focus group, we will be in a better position to discern the role of Instagram in daily life. By assigning them some essential tasks, we also try to prove that Instagram has some positive outcomes on the teenage girls.

There are some direct impacts of Instagram on teenage girls and there are also some impacts that contribute to the identities of Instagram. While explaining its benefits on teenage girls, we will keep in mind all of these impacts. We try to study the impacts of Instagram on teenage girls from different angles and try to explain that which angles have positive impacts on teenage girls. This academic paper will reinforce theories in the sociology regarding this topic.

On the basis of this hypothesis, we are in a better position to create a monument of a sociology dissertation.

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