Imo jagex must give more power to RuneScape gold

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26 days ago

Imo jagex must give more power to RuneScape gold the community. Not automatically giving them mod but a status following your account is vested to have more reporting ability. So if we report the boys their not instantly banned but if multiple vested men and women report that they get banned and without appeal it stays like that. If the do appeal jagx could review the accounts. My point being of the rs community enjoys Runescape and the time we spend in it. So allow the individuals who take care of Runescape help. You might require a level, quest, xp, and hour need to vest your accounts more giving your reports more weight.

Please make Jagex aware of the bot farm at minnows, super upsetting seeing a ton of level 40s with 20m in fishing xp and the pet and I do not have . I am convinced it is known about but it's crazy to think nothing was, this means there is probably a slew of accounts botting Fishing Trawler as well. Having a few of these robots running would be making just one person countless gp every day easily. . Sad to play legit when you realize like 30 percent of individuals on Runescape purchase gold or bot.Have found a few astral runecrafting bot farms. They meet in the lunar isle lender, all follow the"primary" account, and then craft the character and teleport, a two or three apart.

I am not surprised there are several bots in OSRS. Most people dont understand that Runescape is from 2007, and its own 2019. Technology, coding, and notably blockchain and AI technologies is indeed tremendously advanced today, that Runescape's cheat detection is practically outdated. This will be a rather difficult problem for jagex to buy old school rs gold solve. I've been playing RS on and off for over 14 years. I recently came back and played for about a year and ceased playing about 3-4 weeks ago. This videos are by far the most fascinating runescape articles in my opinion. Its intriguing to me how far runescape has arrived and it's still so much underworld material like bots and shit going on.

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