How to properly clean your dental handpiece?

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Dental equipments are costly and so are their repairs. As with anything, with time and continuous use, equipment will need repairs. To know when you need a simple repair or call in technician depends upon dental practitioner continuous and observance and regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is a must for safety and ensuring operational reliability in your dental practice. Regular maintenance reduces downtime and costly unplanned repairs and your equipment are up-to-date and hygiene compliant. To keep a dental office up and running, implementing proper cleaning and sterilization techniques is crucial.
How to properly clean your dental handpiece ?

1. Cleaning your handpiece surface

Wipe down the coxo dental handpiece with a damp disposable cloth. A mild detergent is acceptable but make sure to run clean of all dirt, dust, and bio-matter before sterilizing.  If there is still some bio-burden left on the handpiece, clean under running water using a brush. Flush water through handpiece for 30seconds in the operatory to clean out the internal water line.

2. Lubricate the handpieces

Handpieces need regular application of lubricant in order to avoid quick degradation.  Place a few drops of lubricant into the drive air hole of the handpieces and run the handpiece on slow speed until the only lubricant comes out of the head. Then continue to expel any excess lubricant through bearings and chuck.

To ensure you have run the handpiece long enough, install bur in a chuck and run the handpiece for 20 -30 seconds on a paper towel. Running the handpiece eliminates excess oil and prevents sluggish handpiece performance after sterilization.

3. Sterilization

Once all the debris and bio-burden are flushed, bag and sterilize the handpieces according to handpiece manufacturer’s instructions.  Process it through an dental autoclave or chemical vapor sterilizer. Afterward, remove the handpiece and allow it to cool completely. Do not remove it from the sterilizer before the drying cycle is complete. Do not re-lubricate after sterilization.

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