Path of Exile: Mobile version of 2020

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1 month ago

Good news for those interested in Path of Exile. As Phonearena said, the mobile version of the Grinding Gear Games action RPG video game will be released next year.

The path of Exile was developed and produced by Grinding Gear Games and was first released in 2013. Currently available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. But mobile ports are clearly in preparation. Thanks to the website mentioned at the beginning of this article, we know that the studio plans to release Android and iOS versions of its flagship product in 2020. The information comes after the company recently released the Path of Exile 2 and some other bets. An update to ExileCon 2019.

By watching the trailer, it's not hard to understand that Path of Exile will focus on an impeccable experience without video ads, micro-transactions with POE Currency, time barriers, energy bars or notifications.

As for game mechanics, they have not changed much compared to the PC version. Still according to Phonearena, although Tencent bought Grinding Gear Games, the game will be developed in-house. This proves that despite the New Zealand company's acquisition of new technology by the Chinese giant, it has managed to maintain its independence.

Regarding gameplay, Path of Exile is considered by most players as an RPG action game, at the forefront of technology, as its 10 levels present missions that are as dangerous as strategic. Next year, we will learn more about this mobile version. Players can watch the trailer on the game's official website or MMOAH, and you can also buy Path of Exile Currency here. Recently they have discounts on their website. I think this is worth buying.

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